ChinaCoursework at WCKA prepares students with the knowledge necessary for academic success at the college level. Core curriculum is aligned with standards outlining the competencies necessary for mastery in each subject.  WCKA curriculum is also adapted to the travel itinerary, increasing the educational potential of every class at each destination visited. Classes take advantage of some of the most unique field trips and learning opportunities in the world to provide WCKA students with an academic background few schools can offer.
For students looking beyond the available course offerings at WCKA or to segue with curriculum from their school of origin, the option to pursue an independent study is also available. Students who choose an independent study enjoy the challenge of student-directed learning and are paired with faculty advisors who assist with subject matter and established guidelines. The ability to pursue all Advanced Placement coursework at WCKA is facilitated by our independent study option.

Enrolled students may select coursework from the following list of classes and are required to register for a minimum of four academic courses each semester. As a component to its normal coursework WCKA also offers tutorial sessions, upon request, to prepare its students for the SAT and/or ACT exams.

For specific questions about individual classes, scheduling, or course descriptions please contact us at

The graduation requirements fulfilled by the coursework are consistent with those set by the state of Washington. 

Courses Offered at World Class Kayak Academy











Education &

Health Enhancement




English 10 (American) 

English 11 (World I) 

English 12 (World II, British)
Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III 

Spanish IV 
World History

American History

American Government

Cultural Studies (of Africa, China or South America) 



Outdoor Leadership

Algebra II



 Kayak Training & Performance Health

*Some courses may not be offered every semester

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