Our Classroom

Symbiotic Relationship Between Ants and Ugandan TreeEducation and experience are intertwined at WCA, as traditional course content is oriented towards daily experiences and surrounding environments. Learning Spanish while traveling in Mexico, examining cultural studies in China, and studying biology on safari in Africa, students receive a quality college preparatory education. Small classes led by experienced and motivated teachers provide an individualized approach focused on active student participation in the educational process. Students really are living what they are learning.

As the location of the World Class program constantly changes, so do the classrooms. Small class sizes allow a teacher and his or her students to easily find quiet places for class or studying. In Washington, classes will take place at our campus in Trout Lake. One or two days of the week may also be spent in the local White Salmon library for classes, internet, or research, followed by an afternoon paddle.

When away from our headquarters, teachers and students equipped with dry-erase boards, laptops, accordion files, and books most often find themselves having class in cabins, in camp, under a shady palapa, or at the local library. The world is our classroom and flexibility is key. Our itinerary also allows for several college visits each year on both the east and west coasts as well as field trips that are integrated into our curriculum. Midterms and finals are always held at established locations with good accommodations, whereas standardized tests such as the SAT and AP tests will be taken at local schools along the way.

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