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A truly World Class Education 

 Beginning in 2002, WCKA academic coursework was endorsed by Alberton High School, in the nearby town of Alberton, MT where the school was originally based before moving to the Columbia River Gorge in 20010.  This partnership allowed WCA students' credits to transfer as Montana public school credits and gave World Class Academy its beginning as a respected secondary school.  

The advantages to an independent accreditation over a relationship with Alberton however were recognized, including: more oversight and accountability for curriculum development, instruction, assessment, support and finance.  After examining several options for both accreditation and curriculum, which included the possibility of pursuing International Baccalaureate (IB) approval; the decision was made to start working with the Northwest Accreditation Commission.  This option ensured that the quality of education provided by World Class Kayak Academy be at a college preparatory level with greater consistency and review, while the Northwest Accreditation Commission is one of the nation's six acknowledged accreditation agencies.  Being accredited by the organization is and always has been valid and acknowledged by the other five regional accreditation associations and all of the commissions on colleges and universities.  

The Northwest Accreditation Commission (formerly called the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools) has been acknowledged along with the other five commissions on schools since 1917.  WCKA was approved for accreditation by the Commission in June 2010, at which time it began acting independently of Alberton High School.


Director - Aaron Capo Rettig

Academic Director - Kristi Murrin

Faculty - Orion Chapman, Ben Kinsella, Kiley Eversole, Andrew Morehouse

   (Freshman only accepted upon referral)
Average Attendance: 1 year (ranging from 1-6 semesters)
Student Origins: 55% Mountain
19% Eastern
17% Pacific
6% Central
2% International
Students on Scholarship: 3-5 students/semester
Faculty: 4 full-time faculty and 1 intern. Faculty member roles include: Academic Director, Logistics Director and Head Coach.
Student-Teacher Ratio: 3 to 1 or less
Schedule: Each semester maintains a minimum of 13 academic weeks, not including: field trips, study sessions or finals. During each academic week, classes are scheduled to meet for three, hour and a half periods.  Homework is assigned accordingly and free periods serve as study halls, provided students are performing successfully.
 Registration: Students are required to register for a minimum of four academic courses each semester. 
Graduation Requirements:

To receive a diploma from World Class Kayak Academy, students must complete a minimum of 23 credits with 18.5 credits in the following courses.

   Required  Recommended
English  4 credits  4 credits
Social Studies  3.5 credits  3.5 credits
Mathematics  3 credits  4 credits
Laboratory Science  3 credits  4 credits
Foreign Language  2 credits  4 credits
Vocational/Technical  1 credit  *
Fine Arts  1 credit  *
Kayak Training & Health  1 credit  *

Elective Credits  4.5 credits  *
Total Credits  23 credits  26 credits

   * A student may choose from any of the listed electives to complete the recommended 26 credits.

Colleges Attended by Alumni:
Colorado State University   
Colorado Mountain College   
Evergreen State College   
Fort Lewis College       

Lewis and Clark College   

Linfield Nursing Program

Marist College           
Metro State College of Denver   
Montana State University   
UC Santa Cruz           
Univ. of Alaska Anchorage   
Univ. of Hawaii           
Univ. of Montana       
UNC Asheville           
Univ. of Oregon       
Univ. of Puget Sound       
Univ. of Vermont       
Vancouver Film School       
Warren Wilson College       
Western State College of CO   
Western Washington Univ.   
West Virginia University       
West Virginia Wesleyan   
Willamette University       

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