Karl Moser Clean Blunting at SkookumchuckA famous saying at World Class is, “you don’t have to be a world class paddler to get into World Class, that happens once you get here.” Given a foundation in basic skills and a passion for freestyle kayaking WCKA will take you to locations throughout the world in search of the best rivers, playspots, and competitions.  The training program is designed to promote safety, skill acquisition, and athleticism while following this pursuit.  In doing so, students find themselves prepared for the challenges of whitewater kayaking and the ability to perform accordingly. 

In any given semester students’ goals to compete can vary from recreational paddling to having a top performance at Worlds.  As a competitive training regimen will prepare students of all motivations for optimal performance, whether it is learning a difficult freestyle move, running a challenging river, or scoring points in a competitive freestyle ride, WCKA teaches success.

A Typical Week of Training

Weekdays usually involve two workouts a day: cross-training in the morning before school and a paddling session in the afternoon.  Cross-training workouts are designed to promote aerobic endurance, flexibility, strength, and injury prevention.  Afternoon paddling sessions will usually consist of surfing at a nearby playspot or visiting the nearby whitewater run.  Paddling workouts focus on the joy of learning new skills with technique-building drills and freestyle strategy games.  Mock rodeos and competitions are held periodically to gain competitive experience.  On weekends if an event is not scheduled, river runs are the usual activity as they require more time on the water and longer shuttles.  Non-paddling options include relaxing, catching up on schoolwork, or taking in the culture.


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