Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups
Tom McKee making it easyEach student is assigned to a mentor group where he or she is responsible for certain duties each week. Mentor groups include a faculty member and two to three students. Responsibilities include making meals, clean up, daily logistics and supervision. Some days are a lot of work, but with everyone contributing it makes for an efficient system. On travel days it may be most convenient to eat dinners out, while preparing breakfasts and lunches from the coolers. When the World Class program is overseas it takes in the local fare. Dinner arrangements are often made with local restaurants or hostels, while mentor groups prepare breakfasts and lunches at the local accommodation.

Mentors are also a way for students to develop friendships with people beyond their peer group. Having a specific adult in the program a student can approach with difficult issues has proven to maintain the well-being and contentment of young adults experiencing the world away from the comforts of home. A mentor will also keep an eye on his or her students’ health and whereabouts, communicating with parents, to make sure the student stays healthy and safe. Students are paired with a mentor as soon as they arrive at World Class as part of the orientation process, which helps them become familiar with the day-to-day operations setting World Class apart from other programs.


World Class often fills the role of a family and students are with staff 24 hours a day. From morning till night, teachers guide students through daily activities and help them adjust to the World Class lifestyle. Students and parents should be fully aware World Class has a zero tolerance policy with respect to drug and alcohol use.  Any student believed to be using or in possession of prohibited substances will be put on the next flight home at the parent's expense.



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