Summer Programs

World Class Summer Sessions 2017

Keeners Program

Ottawa River, Canada

Why the Ottawa River?

The Ottawa River provides one of the best locations for kayaking anywhere in the world. Want to learn basic technique and skills? Want to improve upon existing skills? Want to work on intermediate/advanced playboating? The Ottawa River can challenge everybody on an individual level from the top pros, to those dialing in a roll. With warm water and good flows throughout the summer it is easy to understand why this is a world-wide meeting spot for kayakers of all levels.

About the Program

World Class Academy has teamed up with Ottawa Kayak School (OKS) who will run and operate all of the summer programs on the Ottawa. In particular, World Class Academy recommends the Keener Program, which is the perfect stepping stone to join World Class on one of our semester programs. Many World Class Academy staff members and alumni have worked for OKS and the values and the mission of OKS support the goals and mission of World Class Academy. OKS offers a variety of courses for different needs and students can choose to enroll in one or more weeks of kayak instruction, leadership, teamwork and fun on one of the premier whitewater destination in the world. Want to enroll in a semester with World Class? Our Fall semester starts out on the Ottawa, which makes a perfect transition from an OKS program into our 2017-2018 school year.

Nuts and Bolts

OKS offers a wide range of dates throughout the summer to fit the needs of most students. Ottawa City is the nearest airport and the program arranges pick ups/drop offs for students flying into the program. For more information and to register for Keeners or any other OKS programs CLICK HERE.

If you would like more information on World Class Academy's involvement with OKS please call us at:

541-908-5937 or e-mail


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