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Climbing Buscando a Pepillo

November 14 2019

Words by Lauren Berry, Photos by Lauren Berry & Simon Reuter At 7:15am, I wake up to my unnecessarily loud alarm. The only thing dragging me out of bed are …

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Climbing in Rodellar

November 12 2019

Words & Photos by Quin Browder Spain is known for its beautiful limestone climbing, with world famous crags that draw climbers from all around the world. I was lucky enough …

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Crag Day Sandwich

November 6 2019

Words & Photos by Maya Zakreski Every 15 minutes the church bells go off. After some time you begin to not even notice the rattling ring that is sent through …

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A Weekend Trip to Dioni

Kiters in the sunset

September 30 2019

Words & Photos by Elias, Viktor, Einar and Gabe On the weekend of the 13th, the entire World Class Kite Academy sent a mission to Dioni. Dioni is a hidden …

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