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The world's first accredited kayak academy, our philosophy has always been “academics first” in the goal to provide a rigorous  college preparatory curriculum.  Along with our traveling schedule, students attend class five full days each week and earn high school credit in seven academic areas. Our faculty is comprised of professional teachers with a passion for working with young people in a global and constantly changing learning environment. With a 3:1 (or less) student-to-teacher ratio, students receive personal attention and an individualized educational experience few schools can offer.  Our college preparatory curriculum fulfills rigorous academic standards and has proven to prepare students to compete successfully for college admission.

apply nowLearning is a full time process at WCA and the experiences outside the classroom during daily life are integral to our educational program.  The development of character is a cornerstone of the school’s mission, helping students become responsible, culturally aware, and compassionate individuals with the ability to find success wherever life may take them. 

Many of the experiences at WCA contribute to this end. Travel to a variety of destinations allows students to experience other cultures and witness lives very different from their own.  The service projects each semester help students see the importance of contributing to the communities in which they live and travel. Living, learning and traveling with a small group of students and faculty fosters the development of good communication skills and cooperation, while being responsible for the tasks of daily life abroad teaches self-reliance and teamwork.  After their time at WCA, students return home with new levels of confidence and independence, as well as an ability to see beyond themselves with unique insight into the world around them. 

The mission of World Class Academy is to help our students excel in the areas of academics, athletics and character, with equal emphasis. The blending of these three in the education of the whole individual is what makes the WCA experience exceptional.

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