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Teacher / Coach

Job Description: Teacher / Coach Position

Position Summary:
Travel the world while working as an educator and coach at the only accredited high school for competitive youth kayakers, kiteboarders, climbers, and mountain bikers. World Class Academy is dedicated to providing a rigorous, individualized academic program paired with an athletic training program specially designed for the world’s top young athletes. We are committed to providing an experience that will produce globally conscious young adults who understand the importance of individual action and feel empowered to make a positive impact.

Most faculty members take on many roles simultaneously, including teacher, coach, and mentor.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in the subject area you are applying to teach or in a transferable subject
  2. Experience working with youth inside or outside the classroom
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  4. Advanced to professional kayaking/kiteboarding/climbing/mountain biking skills
  5. A desire to share athletic knowledge and experience
  6. Experience coaching high-level athletics
  7. Passionate about WCA's mission and the development of our students
  8. Excited to travel with students and support their academic, athletic, and character goals
  9. Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certified
  10. Experience working with youth as a mentor

If you’re interested, please send your resume and a cover letter that outlines your qualifications for this position to

Do you have a more specialized set of skills? If you have some but not all of the qualifications above, please get in touch. World Class Academy is committed to assembling a well-rounded staff and may consider candidates who have exceptional skills in one area.

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