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2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

2021-2022 Destinations

Western USA/Europe

Fall 2021

August 29, 2021 - December 11, 2021

  • Flag of USA

    Q1 PNW USA

  • Flag of USA

    Q2 Southwest USA

Spring 2022

January 23, 2022 - May 6, 2022

  • Portugal flag

    Q3: Portugal

  • 255px-Flag_of_Italy.svg

    Q4: Italy

2022-2023 Destinations


Fall 2022

August 29, 2022 - December 11, 2022

  • Flag of Canada

    Q1: BC, Canada

  • Spain Flag

    Q2: Spain

Spring 2023

January 23, 2023 - May 6, 2023

  • Flag_of_New_Zealand_(3-2).svg

    Q3: New Zealand

  • FR-France-Flag-icon

    Q4: France

2022 - 2023 Schedule

B.C./Spain/New Zealand/France

Fall Semester 2022

September 4, 2022 - December 17, 2022

  • September 4

    Students and staff meet in Vancouver, BC

  • September 5

    Semester orientation

  • September 5 - October 15

    Quarter 1: Whistler B.C.

    • Whole quarter spent staying in Whistler, riding the trails and bike parks around Whistler; Whistler Bike Park, Enduro in Squamish, dirt jumps, Pemberton trails, etc.
  • October 15

    Students and staff depart for fall break

  • October 16 - 29

    Fall break

  • October 30

    Students and staff arrive in Barcelona, Spain

  • October 30 – December 17 - Catalunya, Spain

    Quarter 2: Spain

    • October 31 – November 13: Berga, Spain
    • November 13 – November 28: Santa Coloma De Farners, Spain
    • November 28 – December 17: Premia de Dalt, Spain
    • December 3: SAT testing, Barcelona, Spain
  • December 17

    Students and staff depart for winter break

Spring Semester 2023

January 22, 2023 - May 6, 2023

  • January 22

    Students and staff arrive in New Zealand

  • January 23

    Semester orientation

  • January 23 - March 11

    New Zealand: Queenstown. 

    • Whole quarter spent riding in and around Queenstown: Skyline bikepark, Gorge Road jumps, Ben Lomond mountain, Cardrona, Wanaka, etc. 
  • March 11

    Students and staff depart for spring break

  • March 12 - April 1

    Spring break

  • April 2

    Students and staff arrive in France

  • April 2-May 13

    Quarter 4- Southern France

    • April 2 – April 15: Sospel, France
    • April 15 - May 13: Dignes Les Baines, France 
  • May 13


  • May 14

    Students and staff depart

Food and Lodging


WCA MTB eats a variety of foods, dependent primarily on the current destination.  While abroad, the program will either cook or eat food prepared by restaurants or hired chefs. We eat Lomo Saltado in Peru, Asado in Chile, Baklava in Greece — wherever we are, eating is an extension of the cultural experience. In some destinations, students and staff rotate between cooking responsibilities. Students and staff help with shopping trips, cooking, and clean-up duty when preparing meals for the group.

World Class Academy caters to individual dietary needs and promotes healthy food choices. We understand that athletes need to eat well-rounded, nutritious meals while training. Meal planning, cooking, and eating well while on the go are a few of the many life lessons that students take home from a semester with World Class Academy.


While traveling, WCA MTB looks for comfortable accommodations close to the trails. During our time abroad, accommodations usually include cabins, lodges, and hostels. When in the U.S., the program will usually stay at large rental houses, hostels, or campgrounds. Lodging varies depending on the destination.

Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups

Each student enrolled in World Class Academy will be assigned to a teacher who will act as a mentor throughout the semester. With their mentors, students are encouraged to reflect on their growth as athletes, students, and human beings. With their mentor group, students collaborate to provide meals for their peers, maintain living areas, and provide general support for each other.

Mentoring and the development of life skills happen on many levels at WCA MTB. Through these processes, students develop an understanding of themselves, their place in the community, and their capacity to continue growing and learning.

Throughout the semester, mentors send weekly updates to their mentees' parents. These updates lay the foundation for regular communication between parents, students, staff, and admin. Updates include specific details on progress in academics, athletics, and character building.


World Class Academy often feels like a family, and students are with staff 24 hours a day. From morning until night, teachers guide students through daily activities and help them thrive while in the World Class environment. Students and parents should be aware that World Class has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to drug and alcohol use. Any student believed to be using or in possession of prohibited substances will be held to the stipulations of the Honor Contract, which each student signs before being admitted into the program.


World Class Academy is committed to providing the highest level of excellence in the classroom, on the trail, and around the globe. We are a non-profit organization with high standards in academics, safety, service learning, athletics, and organization. While keeping our standards in these areas high, it is also our wish to provide affordable tuition. Families can choose to make a one-time payment or choose our payment plan option (contact the school for more details).

Single Semester Tuition: $19,900.00

Full-Year Tuition: $39,800.00

Tuition excludes airfare, gear shipment, personal equipment, and medical insurance.

Scholarships are available on a limited basis. Please contact WCA for more information about our scholarship program.

Airfare is not included in this price and will be an additional cost for each student. World Class Academy works with a travel agent who helps us coordinate the flights of our students and staff. Prices for flights depend on the date, departure city, and destination.

The cost of traveling domestically or internationally with luggage and athletic equipment is the responsibility of each student. This generally costs between $150-$200 depending on the destination and the airline. Please contact the airline you will be traveling with or reach out to the World Class Academy admin team with specific questions. 

Each student is expected to arrive with their own mountain bike gear + personal gear. A detailed gear list will be sent out upon acceptance.

Each student should consider bringing a small amount of personal spending money. We recommend that students bring between $100-$200 each quarter. This may be used for souvenirs or replacing any personal items. WCA recommends that each student brings a debit card that they may access throught the semester.

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