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World Class Academy is committed to creating the world’s top junior mountain biker jumpingmountain bikers and engaging each student on an individual basis. You do not have to be a pro rider to attend WCA MTB, but we will engage you and push you in order to reach your goals. At WCA MTB, being an athlete means training, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, engaging your teammates, and constantly re-focusing on individual and team goals. Our coaches and teachers not only support our students but share in the journey and experience as well.

While mountain biking is an individual sport at World Class Academy we are first and foremost a team. We will be working together in order to push each other physically and mentally, as well as creating an atmosphere of safety, cooperation, and excellence.

Creating an atmosphere and culture of safety is a fundamental part of World Class. Staff and students will work together to implement our safety and risk management procedures and to maintain a safe environment for training, learning, and growing.


At World Class Academy, student-athletes mountain bike every day and participate in daily cross-training workouts. Off-the-trail workouts happen every morning before class. These workouts focus on core training, cardiovascular workouts, and stretching. They last between 30  and 60 minutes and go toward fulfilling P.E. requirements.

Students do strength training in a field

As a school that's focused on athletics, we strive to create well-rounded athletes, both on and off the trail. We aspire to create cyclists who are skilled in all disciplines of riding. We understand that students’ individual athletic goals vary. The World Class Academy athletic program helps students meet their athletic aspirations — some of our athletes work to compete at a professional level, while others choose to challenge themselves to progress without adding the pressure of competition.


  • Every school day, students participate in morning workouts that take place before class. Workouts are designed to promote antagonistic muscle strength, flexibility, and core stability. 
  • WCA focuses on injury mitigation during these workouts. WCA promotes active stretching techniques in order to warm up properly before attempting to ride.
  • While riding, the team will often divide into smaller groups and venture to different trails in order for individuals to develop their skills in smaller groups and on varied terrain. Coaches provide real-time feedback, working with individual athletes on technique as they progress toward their mountain biking goals.
  • Depending on where the school is at a given time, student-athletes will ride long cross country routes, shuttle-assisted enduro trails, make laps in bike parks, and more. Our goal is to create riders who are skilled at all types of riding, not just a single discipline. 


Students need to arrive at World Class Academy with everything they need for school, daily life, and mountain biking. A commitment to staying organized and taking care of gear and equipment is essential.

WCA MTB will travel with our own equipment including vehicles, trailers, cooking supplies and camping supplies. We will also have our own mobile tool kit for minor bike repair. Group gear such as safety equipment (SAT phone, first-aid supplies, etc.) and academic supplies are also carried from location to location. Students learn to stay organized in so that we can work as an efficient team.

WCA MTB does not provide any individual mountain bike equipment. Each student will be expected to arrive with their own riding gear including a bike, helmet, protective equipment, shoes, mobile repair kit, and anything else required for daily riding. Students will also be required to bring spare bike parts for minor repairs. This includes brake pads, rotors, tires, tubes, chain links, etc.

Students who are accepted to the school will be sent a detailed packing list before the start of each semester.

Two Mt. Bike friends on a charlift


WCA MTB visits the best destinations in the world. Our unique model allows our student-athletes to form a distinct bond with their coaches, who are also their teachers and mentors.

At the MTB Academy, our head coach is in charge of the athletic program. An emphasis is placed on goal setting and step-by-step progression.

Students participate in non-biking workouts and build the skills they need to be all-around athletes.

Students receive one-on-one coaching on a daily basis. Once a week, each athlete meets with the head coach to go through their athletic log and break down their short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

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