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Core Values

WCA MTB is a college-preparatory high school for grades 9-12 that mixes students’ passion for biking with an academic model that combines international travel and hands-on learning from teachers who are also coaches and mentors. Students are able to gain an unmatched academic experience as they travel to the world’s top enduro / freeride destinations.

Students travel and live with their teachers and classmates, and the team studies during the day and rides after class. The focus of our athletic program is on creating well-rounded athletes. Non-biking workouts include strength, cardio, and stretching exercises to help mitigate injuries and promote progression.

The school is focused on academic progression, mentoring, life experiences, teamwork, coaching, and helping create the next generation of experienced and talented mountain bikers. While we are first and foremost an academic institution, the common passion we all share is mountain biking.

WCA MTB is a program of World Class Academy, a private high school that mixes students’ passion for action sports with travel, mentoring, and learning. World Class Academy was started in 2001 and has four different programs, the Kayak Academy, the Climbing Academy, and Kiteboard Academy, and the Mountain Bike Academy.


World Class Academy meets or exceeds the scholastic benchmarks that are in place for college preparatory high schools. Our courses are enriched with the unique experiences gained through traveling the world. Students graduating from World Class Academy have an advantage because their education is backed by real-life experiences, greater independence, and immersion in diverse cultures.

Students do not have to be world-class mountain bikers when they enter the program. However, students should feel comfortable riding singletrack and blue square trails at the start of the school year. At WCA we focus on developing skills in all types of riding - from enduro to technical downhill to cross country and more.  Students will progress their skills in various types of trails depending upon where the school is at that time. WCA accepts bikers who have a passion for progression and a desire to ride around the world. The school focuses on recruiting students who demonstrate the most potential to learn, and who are willing to be coached in order to achieve their mountain biking goals.

Basic skills for acceptance to World Class include:

  • Proficient in riding singletrack on blue square trails.
  • Proficient at basic skills for climbing and descending - shifting, cornering, weight placement, braking, etc.
  • Basic bike repair skills - like fixing a flat tire.

World Class Academy maintains a thorough application process to ensure a cohesive group atmosphere and positive peer interaction. Students need to be adequately prepared for the challenge of living on their own. World Class is not a program for students with behavioral issues.

Students attend World Class Academy for a minimum of one semester or a maximum of four years. The average attendance at the academy is one year, with many students attending for a single semester.

Semesters at WCA cost $19,750 and our annual tuition rate is $39,500. Scholarships are available for all programs. If you would like to receive information on the current year’s scholarship application process, please contact us at

WCA offers a variety of scholarships and aid to families with financial need and a clear dedication to WCA's mission. A family may apply for a scholarship at the same time they apply for acceptance to World Class Academy. For more information, contact us to discuss what level of support may be available.

The value of AP coursework is well recognized for academically motivated students and our faculty work to facilitate students on this track in two ways. World Class Academy offers AP courses in the mathematics and science departments. These courses are aimed at driven students who are self-motivated and inspired by a challenge. AP testing occurs in late May at the WCA office. For specific questions about coursework, AP classes, testing, counseling or to speak with the parent of a student who has successfully pursued AP coursework at WCA in the past, please contact us.

Following acceptance, a family can confirm enrollment by submitting the tuition deposit and returning signed copies of WCA's required paperwork, including the financial commitment form, medical form, liability release, honor contract and a transcript from the student's former school. 

One of the main goals of WCA is to reinforce integrity by providing learning experiences that help young people develop in character while they grow as a student and an athlete. The relationships students develop as they navigate unfamiliar environments and push past their own social, athletic, and intellectual limits provide support for their growth.

With their mentors, students are encouraged to reflect regularly on their growth as athletes, students, and human beings. With their mentor group, students collaborate to provide meals for their peers, maintain living areas, and provide general support to each other.

Mentoring and the development of life skills happen on many levels at WCA. Through these processes, students develop an understanding of themselves, their place in the community, and their capacity to continue growing and learning.

There are inherent risks in mountain biking.  World Class works hard to assure its students have the training and experience to safely explore our world’s trails. WCA maintains a strict 4:1 student to instructor ratio to ensure every outing on the trails is a safe one. We employ experienced staff that have proven skills in instructing, training, and biking.  Athletes partner up on rides in order to keep an eye on each other, and never ride without appropriate safety gear. World Class also promotes an atmosphere where students are encouraged to assess and choose trails they are comfortable attempting before riding.

World Class Academy has the highest reputation for hiring and retaining quality faculty members who adhere to the core values of our program. Our teachers are trained as educators, coaches, and mentors.  They cultivate a supportive team atmosphere and perform their jobs with integrity.

Many of the trails WCA travels to are challenging in nature. Most warm-up trails will be blue squares. However, the type of trails — whether they are rocky and technical or flowy and smooth — will depend on the area. Having a strong basic level of bike riding skills is necessary in order to enjoy many of the world-class trail networks around the globe. WCA focuses mainly on developing enduro and freeride skills. However, a student who has downhill or cross country goals will still be able to progress their skills greatly in the program. Athletes should be prepared to push themselves as they work toward achieving their mountain biking goals.

Parents can expect to communicate with their children via email or phone when available at least once a week during each semester. While traveling internationally, students use an international phone plan, a local SIM card, or wifi to stay in touch. Our faculty have phones with service in each of the destinations where we travel and are available to help families stay in touch.  

World Class Academy is always looking for qualified teachers with a passion for mountain biking and a desire to enrich the lives of WCA students. If this describes you, then please review our faculty page and send us a resume with a cover letter on why you believe you would make a good candidate for employment at World Class Academy.

World Class offers a unique educational environment that combines foreign immersion, academic and athletic challenge, and lifelong lessons. Our graduates are better prepared for the rigors of college life because we have given them the skills and confidence to succeed on their own. These experiences and skills set World Class students apart from other college applicants and help our students attend the colleges and universities of their choice. Our academics also provides students access to their teachers that is unmatched in traditional academic settings. The history and success of our graduates is a testament to the preparation and experience provided by World Class.

World Class is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whereby all donations are tax deductible and go directly to helping the program offer an amazing educational opportunity to a wider range of students. Donors have their option of ways to contribute and can choose to support a particular student, to enrich a cultural experience, or to support one of World Class’ philanthropic activities. For more information on how you can give to the program please visit the Donate section of our website.

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