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International Athletic Program

Kiteboarder in the sunset

Would you like to train in the world’s best destinations?

International students have the opportunity to join WCKA at some of the best destinations this fall/spring. International students cannot be enrolled in any academic programs while in the United States or abroad with WCKA, but may join us for a tour of some of our international stops. This gives students a chance to travel and participate in amateur sporting events while being supervised by WCKA coaches.

Students must make prior arrangements with their home schools to make up any credits or graduation requirements while away. This is not an academic program. Students may not enroll in any academic courses nor receive any credits or certifications while with the program. Students will be in the program for the purpose of athletics only.

We highly recommend this program for students

  1. Who have either graduated from school or looking to take a gap year
  2. Students looking to train and prepare for upcoming international competitions
  3. Junior athletes who would like to be exposed to new destinations

Students may join us for 2-6 week blocks, with a minimum of 2 weeks participation.

Interested families, please refer here: Kayaking / Kiteboarding / Climbing for more information including cost, requirements, and whether or not this program is correct for you.

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