Karl Moser Boofing in MexicoIf academics are the core of World Class, then athletics are the heart of the school.  Athletics prepare the students' bodies for the rigors of paddling challenging whitewater, and their minds for the trials of real life.  Through sports, they learn to focus their energy, set goals, achieve results, and build confidence.  Athletics is a course at the World Class Kayak Academy because it gives the school a vehicle to exposure students to amazing learning experiences. 

Morning workouts are an essential part of the WCKA's mission to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.  Being an athlete is a core part of what it means to become a kayaker and is a fundamental aspect of our program.  The chance to truly dedicate yourself to becoming the best you can be is a privilege that not many people get in their lifetime.  Students are able to train in a supportive atmosphere where safety and skills are paramount. 

As World Class teaches college preparatory classes, it also trains young paddlers for the next level of kayaking.  Through this daily challenge, kayaking gives students confidence to solve problems in all other aspects of life, and provides an opportunity for the best young kayakers to train while receiving a high school education.



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