Colorado Rivers and Play-Parks 
Colorado has been leading the nation in its construction of world-class whitewater play parks giving kayakers great play features year round. These man-made river courses offer something for everyone whether you are practicing surfing and rolling or working on complex tricks. Play parks provide a safe environment for everyone with easy logistics maximizing time on the water. During our Colorado Tour summer session, World Class will travel to several of Colorado's famous rivers and play parks. River sections and features are flow dependent.

Columbia River Gorge
The mighty Columbia River is one of the largest rivers in the United States and is the stomping ground to some of the world's top kayakers. The rivers that flow into the Columbia are among the best in the world with long seasons of consistent flow and many, many options including the White Salmon, Little White Salmon, and the Wind River. The Columbia River Gorge is the headquarters of World Class Academy in Trout Lake on the Washington side. Only an hour from Portland, the Gorge is the hub of whitewater kayaking in the Pacific Northwest. Come see what all the hype is about.......!


Costa Rica
Costa Rica provides one of the best places in Latin America to travel and learn language. Designed from our successful semester programs to Costa Rica, our Summer Session to this Central American country will foucs on Spansih education through outdoor exploration. We will be based out of our very own headquarters "Rancho Sally" in Turrialaba Costa Rica where we explore the nearby river Pacuare and the jungles and forests that abound in this hot-spot of bio-diversity. We will also be spending time in San Isidro and the Pacific Coast during our stay.


Skookumchuck Narrows

More fondly known to kayakers around the world as “Skook,” this tidal feature forms as the tide fluctuates through a constriction between the ocean and a large inlet - creating the classic wave.  Skook is a favorite for kayakers because of its easy access, friendly nature, and size.  As the tide changes the wave slowly builds from flatwater.  This gradual increase in height and speed allows all skill levels a chance to enjoy the wave while the smooth face makes it easy to learn new tricks.  Due to the strong currents at the maximum flows however students are recommended to have a strong roll before they consider Skookumchuck.


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