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Core Values

The Virtual School is a college-preparatory high school for grades 9-12. The school is focused on academic progression and mentorship.  With small class sizes, teachers are able to personalize instruction and get to know the learning strengths and weaknesses of each student. The mentorship program fosters a strong student-teacher relationship that creates space for the student to reflect on their academic progress and personal development.


World Class Academy meets or exceeds the scholastic benchmarks that are in place for college preparatory high schools. Our courses are enriched with small classroom size and opportunity for mentorship.

World Class Academy maintains a thorough application process to ensure a cohesive group atmosphere and positive peer interaction. World Class is not a program for students with behavioral issues.

Students attend World Class Academy for a minimum of one semester or a maximum of four years. The average attendance at the academy is one year, with many students attending for a single semester.

2020-2021 Tuition

Single Semester Tuition: $10,750

Full-Year Tuition: $21,500

Scholarships are available for all programs. If you would like to receive information on the current year’s scholarship application process, please contact us at

WCA offers a variety of scholarships and aid to families with financial need and a clear dedication to WCA's mission. A family may apply for a scholarship at the same time they apply for acceptance to World Class Academy. For more information, contact us to discuss what level of support may be available.

The value of AP coursework is well recognized for academically motivated students and our faculty work to facilitate students on this track in two ways. World Class Academy offers AP courses in the mathematics and science departments. These courses are aimed at driven students who are self-motivated and inspired by a challenge. AP testing occurs in late May at the WCA office. For specific questions about coursework, AP classes, testing, counseling or to speak with the parent of a student who has successfully pursued AP coursework at WCA in the past, please contact us.

Following acceptance, a family can confirm enrollment by submitting the tuition deposit and returning signed copies of WCA's required paperwork, including the financial commitment form, medical form, liability release, honor contract and a transcript from the student's former school. 

One of the main goals of WCA is to reinforce integrity by providing learning experiences that help young people develop in character while they grow as a student and person. The relationships students develop as they navigate unfamiliar environments and push past their own social and intellectual limits provide support for their growth.

With their mentors, students are encouraged to reflect regularly on their growth as students and human beings. 

Mentoring and the development of life skills happen on many levels at WCA. Through these processes, students develop an understanding of themselves, their place in the community, and their capacity to continue growing and learning.

World Class Academy is always looking for qualified teachers with a desire to enrich the lives of WCA students. If this describes you, then please review our faculty page and send us a resume with a cover letter on why you believe you would make a good candidate for employment at World Class Academy.

World Class is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whereby all donations are tax deductible and go directly to helping the program offer an amazing educational opportunity to a wider range of students. Donors have their option of ways to contribute and can choose to support a particular student, to enrich a cultural experience, or to support one of World Class’ philanthropic activities. For more information on how you can give to the program please visit the Donate section of our website.

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