Admissions Process - World Class Academy

Admissions Process

At World Class Academy, we have a simple rolling admission process. Students who apply sooner are given priority. World Class Academy maintains a limited enrollment of 20 students in each program.

In evaluating applicants, World Class Academy considers a student’s academic record, athletic accomplishments, character evaluations, and proven motivation to excel as a student, athlete, and respectful global citizen. World Class Academy seeks applicants who make responsible choices, possess a strong work ethic, are self-motivated, and have a strong desire to be part of a team.

To apply, follow the steps below.


  1. Fill out Master Application, found at
  2. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing
  3. You will be notified once a decision is made.
  4. Upon acceptance, you will receive a Welcome Packet and Acceptance Packet.
    1. Please complete and return:
      1. Honor contract (available online)
      2. Liability Release (available online)
      3. Climbing Academy: Review Helmet Waiver (available online)
      4. Kiteboard Academy: Review Helmet and Impact Vest Waiver  (available online)
      5. Kayak Academy: No waiver needed. Pack a helmet.
      6. Medical Evaluation (print and bring to appointment with family physician)
      7. Request of Records - To be completed and sent to your sending institution. This will instruct your sending school to send your academic records to World Class Academy so that we can place you in classes. *Depending on when you apply, you may also need to request that your complete transcript is sent to WCA once the grades for the current term  are final.
  5. Sign up for an account with TADS, our third-party tuition management system. Once you’ve created an account, please pay the $2,000 tuition deposit. This will reserve your spot. 
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