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Alex Boden

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Program: Kite
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: AP Calculus, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, and World Literature


BEng in Aerospace Engineering at Brunel University, Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

I was brought up in Buckinghamshire, UK, and have always been into extreme sports. Living far from the sea, my first love was skateboarding. This lasted until I went to university and discovered rock climbing, which I’ve been doing ever since.

After university, I took a job in the aerospace industry and discovered the world of watersports through friends who had moved down to the South West of the UK. I took to wakeboarding first, as it was a sport I could continue back home but it wasn’t long before I moved down to the sea and also took up kitesurfing.

In 2019, I decided to leave my job and go to flight school. I had always wanted to be a pilot and had saved enough to make the dream a reality. Whilst at flight school, I qualified as a Kite Instructor and used this job to pay my way. I had also been tutoring mathematics by this point for a few years which also helped!

I feel very fortunate now to be able to be a teacher for WCKA, to see the world and work with such an amazing and talented team.

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