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Brooke Hess

Brooke Hess Faculty Profile

Program: Kayak
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: Environmental Science, Trigonometry, and Advanced Algebra


B.S. in Geoscience, with a focus on Fluvial Geomorphology – Gonzaga University

Brooke grew up in Missoula, MT where she started kayaking at the age of 13. She graduated from University of Montana with a Bachelors of Science in Geoscience, with a focus on Fluvial Geomorphology (the study of river geology). She taught Environmental Science and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry at World Class Academy’s climbing academy in fall 2016 and is super stoked to be teaching at the kayak Academy this coming fall. Brooke has been competing in freestyle kayaking competitions since 2013 and is a current U.S. Freestyle Kayaking Team member. She spends her summers training on the Ottawa River in Ontario. She spent the last year paddling the big water of the Nile River in Uganda, as well as the high water spring runoff in the rivers of Northern Quebec at “Stakeout”.

Through friends who attended and other friends who taught at WCA, I began to hear about the amazing experiences that lay within this institution. I realized quickly that working at WCA could help alleviate much of the jealousy i feel for students who get to attend it! I am so excited to be joining WCA for my first year and I cannot wait for all of the new rivers and experiences that lay ahead for the staff and the students.

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