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Carter Percy


Program: Climb
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: Algebra II, Physics, and Spanish


BS Plant Biology conc. Plant Ecology – University of Georgia
MA Teaching – Valdosta State University

It all leads back to my hatred of wearing socks.

I was born and grew up in Georgia near Atlanta. I only read books about animals and nature as a kid and began running when I was 7. In high school, I took as many science classes as they would let me (it was 7 if you’re wondering) while running track and cross county. In college, I began trail running and studied environmental engineering (ask about that another time). Then! a guy named Geff introduced me to climbing. A sport where I could be outside, putting in the same type of effort as running, BUT WITHOUT SOCKS ON. I fell in love immediately.

One Saturday during my senior year (yes there was a football game, no I don’t know who they were playing or who won) on my way to go to Little River Canyon, I saw a high school about half an hour from the canyon. I always enjoyed tutoring in college, so I figured teaching couldn’t be much different. I applied to be a science teacher there, got the job, got my masters in teaching, and have been teaching since- for 4 years in Rome, 2 years in Chattanooga, and now at World Class Academies.

Fun fact about me: my longest project was a V1 called Cupcake. It took 3 years and I sent it the same year I climbed V8.

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