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Fabian Tandler


Program: Kayak
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: Economics, Government, and History of the Americas


B.A. in Secondary Education – University of Teacher Education, Lucerne

Fabian Tandler grew up close to Zürich in Switzerland. At three years old he was in a duo kayak for the time and after that, his dad got a special triple kayak so he and his brother could both go and enjoy the river together. He collected his first kayaking experiences in the Alps from France through Switzerland to Italy, Austria and Slovenia before going on his first bigger trip out of the Alps to Norway. After that, he got infected by the travelling virus and kayaked and travelled on 6 different continents.

After a failed attempt at university in political science, Fabian travelled more and decided to become a teacher in 2018. Studying in Lucerne in the heart of the Alps and taking weekends and holidays off whenever he wasn’t working or studying.

During a trip to Altai, Russia after the first year of teacher education he met with a team of former WCA teachers and got the idea to apply to WCA after his bachelor’s diploma to connect his passions for education and kayaking.

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