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Franco Tremsal


Program: Kite
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught:


Industrial Engineering with honours in Business Administration, and with a minor diploma in Ontologic Coaching, and Online Marketing.

Born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. I worked for two years as a Project Manager in a well-known factory in my province, before deciding to go exploring the rest of the world and change my lifestyle drastically. Kitesurfing has always been my biggest passion, and I enjoy pushing my own limits in the sport, as well everybody who surrounds me, every day. I lived for two years in Australia and New Zealand and it has been now 5 years that I am based in Patras, Greece. I love this country. I am a 90% Freestyler and 10% Big Air/Old School rider. I split my time between training on and off the water daily, working for the World Class Academy, and in some side projects that involve Online Marketing and the Stock Market. For the rest of the time, I like to spend it with people, friends and family!

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