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Heather Lightfoot

Heather Lightfoot staff photo

Program: Climb
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: Algebra II and Economics


B.A. in Economics – University of British Columbia

Hailing from beautiful Squamish, British Columbia, Heather is one of the few Canadians at TCA and the only Canadian staff member. She says ‘eh’ a lot, and yes, puts maple syrup in her coffee. She is a deeply empathetic and friendly person. Heather loves sharing a good “dad joke” and tries not to take herself too seriously. Heather is a passionate rock climber, especially in the medium of traditional climbing, which she can do a lot of in Squamish. She has been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world through climbing, including some supported trips to climb big walls in Peru and Mexico.

Outside of climbing, Heather earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia. She will be teaching Economics and Algebra II with TCA. For the past four years, Heather has worked at an alternative high school, which is essentially a high school for students who don’t fit the mold of regular schooling due to mental health, drug-use, or behavioral challenges. Through her experiences at the alternative school, Heather developed an educational pedagogy rooted in supporting the whole person instead of just seeing the learner. Heather prides herself on her desire to help her students grow and explore education and build a community that celebrates the uniqueness of everyone. Heather is excited to bring this educational and experiential background, including her focus in mental health, to the skill set puzzle composed of each and every TCA faculty member.

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