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Kieran Hadley

Kieran Hadley - Profile BW - Lighter

Program: Climb
Title: Program Director
Courses Taught: Comparative Literature and Media Productions


B.A in International Studies, minor in French – University of Utah

I grew up in Boise, ID, and began seriously climbing when I was nine years old at a local YMCA. In the Y’s grungy, dimly-lit climbing gym, I found what was to become a lifelong passion. For the next several years, my hopes and dreams in life were attached to the youth competition circuit, and my primary connection with climbing was gripping plastic holds in air-conditioned gyms. That changed when I turned 16 and heard about a new program that seemed too good to be true – a crazy high school called The Climbing Academy. I was lucky enough to be a part of TCA’s inaugural graduating class, and the experience forever changed my perspective in life.

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