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Kyle O’Meara

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Program: Climb
Title: Head Coach
Courses Taught:


B.S. in Exercise Science; Minor in Athletic Training — Central Washington University

Kyle was born and raised just outside of Seattle, Washington. His parents introduced him to the outdoors by living alongside endless acres of northwest forest while not owning a television, or any video game consoles throughout his childhood. After playing football and Rugby in high school, he fell in love with climbing rocks during his freshman year in college when he was nineteen years old. He quickly realized that his strength gains from the weight room didn’t perfectly translate to pulling himself up walls with his fingertips. Since then, climbing has inspired him beyond words, and he has literally spent thousands of days tromping around the world in search of new-to-him-rocks of all shapes and sizes.

In 2012, Kyle started coaching a competitive youth climbing team in Lake Tahoe, California. He moved to Salt Lake City Utah one year later where he coached the Momentum Climbing Team for the following seven years. Coaching means even more to Kyle than climbing does, and he’s been fortunate enough to work with and mentor some of the most talented climbers in the world. He believes climbing can provide a pathway for us all to become better, more patient, and more hard working people if we take the time to pay attention to all of the movement.

This is Kyle’s first year teaching at TCA, and he’s thrilled to be pursuing his lifelong dream of being a teacher. Additionally, he’s almost always open to a chess challenger, loves to read books, and never turns down the opportunity to learn and grow.

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