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Lohan Lizin

Lohan Liz

Program: Climb
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: AP Calculus and Spanish


B.S. in Mathematics — Young Harris College.

Lohan was born in Belgium, raised in Louisiana as a young child, and eventually migrated to the Appalachian region of northern Georgia. In high school he discovered climbing, which reshaped his entire life, and quickly became his “raison d’ȇtre”. His climbing took place uniquely outdoors, and he travelled extensively throughout the southeastern United States. Steep, southern sandstone is where he feels most at home.

Lohan attended Young Harris College, where his academic focus was on Mathematics. As he advanced through his studies, his motives for climbing changed, but the love only grew. He got to know the sport through many lenses – as a routesetter, trip leader, athlete, scholar, writer. These days that love continues to grow, and his gratitude even moreso.

Since graduating from YHC, he has spent the last 3 years bouncing between climbing destinations spanning from Norwegian fjords to Chattanoogan boulder fields to Yosemite Valley. He has worked in education and rope access while on the road, and brings the same analytical mind that he’s cultivated from Mathematics to his climbing and coaching. Lohan looks forward to TCA expanding these skills for himself as well as his students.

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