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Simon Barrette


Program: Kite
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught: Calculus, Chemistry, and Pre Calculus


B.A. in civil engineering – Université de Sherbrooke, M.S. in environmental engineering – Polytechnique Montréal

I was born and raised in the Magdalen Islands, a kitesurfing paradise located in the Eastern part of Canada. I have been actively involved in the sport for over 15 years, both as a teacher and a rider. After earning a civil engineering degree, my love for the environment led me to complete a master’s degree which focused on the protection of water sources used for drinking water. While studying, I was able to pursue my passion for kiteboarding by continuously traveling the world to experience new locations, including extended stays in countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Barbados.

I decided to resign from my job as a research associate to join WCKA because I truly believe this school follows a model that can be a life changer for its students. For me, sports at a high level are an integral part of a good, balanced life. Working at WCKA also allows me to combine my passions for science and the discovery of other people/cultures into a single job. Being able to transmit those passions to students is a gift and a privilege that I intend to cherish.

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