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Svenga Forstrom

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Program: Mountain Bike
Title: Teacher
Courses Taught:


Bachelor of Arts and Sciences – Quest University Canada

Svenga was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From a young age, his bike obsessed parents tried desperately to convince him that mountain biking was fun, but he thought otherwise.

He decided biking was not for him, so he tried his hand at a number of different sports, including hockey, soccer, snowboarding, skiing, and Muay Thai kickboxing.

He attended Quest university in Squamish, BC, where he completed two years of general studies, and focused on History, Literature, and Philosophy in his third and fourth years. Towards the end of his studies in Squamish, he decided to give mountain biking another try. Once again, he found himself navigating BC’s infamous roots and rocks on two wheels, but this time a passion struck.

Since receiving his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Quest, he has taught kids’ bike camps, worked in a cycling/outdoors store, and worked in a customer service/ instructor position for Endless Biking. Mountain biking has gradually become a keystone in his life. Svenga is consistently impressed with the generosity of the mountain bike community. The more work he’s put into supporting the bike industry, the more it’s given back to him. He’s looking forward to a role with World Class Academy where he will be able to combine his interests in academics, sport, and teaching.

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