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Climbing Buscando a Pepillo

November 14 2019

Words by Lauren Berry, Photos by Lauren Berry & Simon Reuter At 7:15am, I wake up to my unnecessarily loud alarm. The only thing dragging me out of bed are the thoughts of perfect Siurana rock. I make myself two fried eggs and breakfast potatoes, and then it’s time for study hall. Unlike ordinary climbing […]

Climbing in Rodellar

November 12 2019

Words & Photos by Quin Browder Spain is known for its beautiful limestone climbing, with world famous crags that draw climbers from all around the world. I was lucky enough to be able to visit three of these crags, sampling the rock climbing at each. I found completely different styles of climbing at each, and […]

Crag Day Sandwich

November 6 2019

Words & Photos by Maya Zakreski Every 15 minutes the church bells go off. After some time you begin to not even notice the rattling ring that is sent through the town every 15 minutes. It blends in with daily life, just like the song that plays twice a day. It goes off once at […]

World Class Kiteboard Academy Semester Edit: Spring 2019

October 2 2019

The World Class Kiteboard Academy visited the Philippines and Italy during Semester 2 of the 2018-2019 school year. It was the Kiteboard Academy’s first visit to Asia and a return visit to the land of pizza, pasta, hand gestures and great kiting. As part of the Media Productions class, Camdyn Kellett, Jenna de Vries, Louis […]

A Weekend Trip to Dioni

Kiters in the sunset

September 30 2019

Words & Photos by Elias, Viktor, Einar and Gabe On the weekend of the 13th, the entire World Class Kite Academy sent a mission to Dioni. Dioni is a hidden spot about an hour and a half away from a city called Patras—which we of course had to visit beforehand—so we woke up at 8:00 […]
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