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Learning Experiences in Sinague

Four locals march up the river on their way to shred their backyard run.

After throwing my sweatpants, hammock, kayaking shorts, and camera into my backpack, I loaded into the van for a long ride from Baeza to the Sinague community. I was clueless about this trip at the time; where we were going? what the people were like? where were we staying?… In the back of my mind …

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Riv-er Noun *a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another such stream* BUT What is a River? Is it a hindrance? Something we must overcome? Something we must tame and conquer? OR Is it a free-flowing state of tranquility and safety? A place of peace? Is …

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The Sinague Community: A World Class Service Learning Project

During our time in Ecuador with World Class we were given the opportunity to spend a weekend in the Sinangue Community, which lies on the banks of the Cofanes River.            The Sinangue-Cofanes Community is a long-standing group of people who inhabit large portions of land along the Aguitas River Basin. They originally spoke the …

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