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Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Media through Climbing

April 9 2024

At the Climbing Academy, students can combine school and rock climbing to get the most out of their education, at school and in life. This can be notably observed in the TCA Media Productions class. Throughout the year, students build digital literacy skills via work in photography and film. During the third quarter this year, […]

Hot Tip Tuesday: How to Start the School Year Off Strong

August 29 2023

In honor of TCA’s recent arrival to Rodellar, Spain, we’d like to post 5 tips for starting the year off with a bang: These five suggestions are easy ways to start the year off with your best foot forward. Can you think of anything else that helps you feel successful?

Hot Tip Tuesday: Formative Moments in Climbing

This week’s post may be a little less true “tip” and a little more “reflection” on each person’s climbing journey. Climbing Magazine recently re-released a 2022 article about the 6 formative moments in everyone’s climbing career. The author listed these: While it’s probably safe to say that not everyone has experienced all of these moments, […]

Hot Tip Tuesday: When to Give Beta

June 20 2023

Ever have someone tell you about a key hold or sequence right before you’re trying to onsight a climb? Ever have someone tell you where to put your hand or foot when you’re trying to figure out a sequence yourself? Ever do those things to someone else? I think that all of us as climbers […]

How to Workout like TCA

June 17 2023

While rock climbing is a big part of what we do, our off-the-rock workouts are also important. They give our bodies a break – and our fingers – while also strengthening us for the next redpoint attempt, the next project, the next climb. Below is a core workout from this past year with TCA. Try […]
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