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Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Media through Climbing

At the Climbing Academy, students can combine school and rock climbing to get the most out of their education, at school and in life. This can be notably observed in the TCA Media Productions class. Throughout the year, students build digital literacy skills via work in photography and film. During the third quarter this year, students explored filmography through a variety of assignments, combining them with their passion for climbing. Students filmed themselves and each other on notable boulders; they practiced interviewing each other about the climbs; they took b-roll and action footage around town. In Media, students benefit from experiential learning, practicing skills in real life, out climbing, and in the areas the school visits.

You can check out two recent Media Productions videos on our WCA Youtube channel. A Winter in Bishop summarizes TCA’s experience in Bishop, CA during Q3 and highlights how TCA students combine school skills with climbing. Another video – a music video to Thrift Shop by Macklemore – is another fun showcase of the skills students learned in class.

Thanks for checking out these videos! We can’t wait to share more!

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