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Hot Tip Tuesday: Sending the Water Project

Water is such a fundamental part of athletics, performance, and being outside. And it is also such an easy piece to forget. You get psyched on your project and forget to drink water because you want to remember the beta or talk about the climb with someone else at the crag. Or you go belay your partner on their project and forget to bring your water bottle to drink as they suss out beta and go indirect. Perhaps it’s neither of those reasons; it’s simply that overcrowded crags intimate you and the idea of getting caught peeing my a surprise unknown climber sounds like one of Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell. Whatever the reasons, most of us don’t drink enough water at the crag, impacting energy levels, performance, focus, and so much more.

Reasons to Remember to Drink:

  1. Stave off fatigue/Boost energy – staying hydrated actually helps us remain energized or avoid a midday slump. So even though it’s hard to remember to drink water when you’re going through beta, drinking will actually help you give your project an extra burn during a session.
  2. Stop muscle cramps – Cramping is a sign of dehydration and doesn’t let you perform optimally. Drinking throughout the day avoids cramping and again, helps climbers give successful burns on their projects.
  3. Boost neurological function – Our brains inevitably get pumped when we’re climbing, sometimes lessening how well we make decisions. However, drinking water can help climbers continue to make good decisions on and off the rock.
  4. Aid recovery – if you want to ensure you get out climbing the next day or are ready for redpoint attempts during your next session, drinking water during each day and after climbing is imperative for recovery and getting the most out of your body.

Ways to Increase Drinking:

  1. Make it Flavorful – adding flavor to your water is a great way to ensure you drink more. Adding flavoring in the form of electrolytes or BCAAs are great ways to not only increase your drinking because you like the flavor of your water but ensure you boost energy, hydration, and recovery throughout the day and after your session. I really like these BCAA’s – Blood Orange flavor.
  2. Create Habits – make it a practice to drink before you go up a climb and right after – at least a few sips. Remind yourself to bring your water to a belay until it becomes second nature. Make it a habit to drink water, just as it’s a habit to stretch, study, or eat fruits and vegetables. Make it a habit to hydrate!
  3. Set Goals – we set goals for ourselves with climbing like clipping a draw or making it to the crux without taking. We can also set water goals for ourselves like drinking a liter of water by noon or finishing our water bottle by the end of the climbing day. Goals help us in many ways and aren’t just limited to our climbing.

Water and staying hydrated is equally as important as remembering your beta on your current project or training off the wall. It helps you make gains; it helps you achieve; it helps you feel your best. So lets all make an effort to send the water proj our next day out at the crag!

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